Command & Conquer FPS: Tiberium

December 12, 2007

Early images of a new FPS called ‘Tiberium’ have appeared in the magazine Game Informer.

Seems like Renegade 2 to me. These images are unconfirmed but are pretty convincing.

View Early Magazine Images



One Response to “Command & Conquer FPS: Tiberium”

  1. GameWizard Says:

    The real problem started with them placing Chris Plummer in charge. The dude had no idea how to make a video game and had mostly marketing experience – no actual game dev experience other then a few nightmare projects at EALA. He didn’t listen to any of the more experienced staff and changed his mind every few months, causing the team to churn and burn things over and over. The project ended up costing as much as a Hollywood movie and wasting years of people’s time. You simply cannot succeed when the guy at the head of the project has no idea what he’s making, and no idea how to really do it. I’m amazed they let him churn and burn for 4 years on it. Sad… there were some great ideas in the game and some great people on the team.

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