CNC3:TWE 1.0 Released

February 25, 2008


Version 1.0 of CNC3:TWE is now available for download.

This release includes:

  • the German language for the installer (translation done by Sämi)
  • 6 new quality skirmish maps
  • some small bug fixes

What are you waiting for? Download it now!


I’ve created a CNC3:TW Online Strategies document for any players of CNC3:TW Online.

Download it here 

Kabal KW Trailer

A Kane’s Wrath High Definition Cinematic Video Trailer has appeared on the CNC website here.


After some delay, the latest episode of BattleCast Primetime is now available here.

Its a massive 45 min episode and is available as a .mov Quicktime file (194.55MB in size).

CNCLab Mod

December 3, 2007


A new modification called “CNCLab” is now available:

Main Features

  • Fully automated installer – no-frills, one-click installation.
  • Improved Interface…Wider and more visible minimap dots, multiple minimaps art-reworking for improved visualisation, activate-in-place and force-fire abilities to increase micro-management options
  • Two new 1v1 and two new 2v2 multiplayer maps: Tournament Desert, -Tournament Terrain, Fallen Empire and Blade Storm (top Starcraft map)
  • Vastly improved counter system and factional diversity

Get the download link and view the FAQ

CNC3:TWE 0.5 Available

October 29, 2007

CNC3:TWE 0.5 is now available.

This version does not include the Control Panel application as there were 2 major bugs found just before release.

If you’d like to request a certain file host please post a reply to this news item.

It features:

  • Support for version 1.09 of CNC3:TW
  • 7 new skirmish maps (totalling 36)
  • Updated Readme Manual
  • Minor balance changes for Singleplayer campaign
  • Modded Content
    • New Main Menu Music
    • New Crate Types
    • Wall Construction
    • Limited cranes/foundries to 4
    • GDI Armory Heals Ally Units
    • Black Shroud for Unexplored Terrain

Visit the downloads page for the download.


P.S. As with all previous versions this version intentionally keeps the skirmish maps after uninstallation, for use in CNC3:TW.

The latest patch is now available using the auto update feature.

Patch 1.09

The manual download version will be uploaded to : soon.