CNC3:TWE General Update

November 8, 2007

Development of CNC3:TWE 1.0 is well under way.

Some good news for map makers…  new textures.

New Textures

Here are just some of the textures to be included in CNC3:TWE 1.0:

Sample Textures 1.0

Note: The textures above are test versions with only default ‘normal maps’ applied.

Final versions will include ‘normal maps’ for each making them look more real.

They are working in Worldbuilder and in-game

The list of current texture types is:

  • Snow
  • Lava
  • Grass
  • Rock
  • Ocean Floor
  • Minerals

The textures will be used in a special first GDI Singleplayer Mission (in Custom Map Menu) in version 1.0 of CNC3:TWE.

Are there any new textures you want included?

If submitting textures please send in an uncompressed high quality 256×256 .TGA format.