There is support for this modification available on this page.

Please refer to the readme PDF file (copied during installation) before using this page.


Below are frequently asked questions about the modification:


Q) What are the system requirements for the modification?

A) The System Requirements are found on the Downloads page.

Q) How do I install the modification on Windows Vista?

A) Disable UAC and run the installer as an administrator user.

Q) Will the installer cause issues on my system?

A) The installer has been tested thoroughly on many systems, but it is advised that you backup or image your system before running the installer. This is a precautionary step.

Q) How do I prepare my computer to run this modification smoothly?

A) Once you have checked your PC meets or exceeds CNC3:TW’s system requirements you can optionally:

  1. Backup and delete any old save games from CNC3:TW (speeds up load times)
  2. Delete any old skirmish maps you no longer play or don’t play (speeds up load times)
  3. Close any unnecessary applications, processes and services (speeds up access times)
  4. Defragment your hard disks using JKDefrag (free) or similar commercial defragmentation software (speeds up access times)
  5. Install and run CNC3:TWE

Q) I think an error(s) occurred during installation. How do I check?

A) If there is no error message or error number displayed in the installation, check you Event Log for error events.

How to check the Event Log:

  1. Click ‘Start’, then ‘Run..’
  2. Type “eventvwr” and click “OK”
  3. Click the “Applications” tree node
  4. Any events triggered during installation will have the source “CNC3-TWE”

CNC3:TWE Control Panel

CNC3:TWE Control Panel has been temporarily removed in version 0.4 of CNC3:TWE. It will be re-enabled in a future version.

Q) What is the CNC3:TWE Control Panel?

A) The CNC3:TWE Control Panel is a C# .NET application that makes it easy to configure and launch CNC3:TWE. It does so without making any permanent changes to CNC3:TW.

Q) What are the requirements for the CNC3:TWE Control Panel?

It requires the latest version of the .NET Framework to be installed to run.

Q) How do I use the CNC3:TWE Control Panel?

A) Once the CNC3:TWE Control Panel has launched it will automatically detect CNC3:TW, CNC3:TWE and the folder structure (no configuration required).

If both fields in the main dialog are green then it has been successful and you can click “File” then “Launch CNC3:TWE..” (Ctrl+L).

Set you settings and then click the “Launch” button.

If any of the fields are red in the main dialog then self-configuration has failed and you will need to click the “browse” button and select the correct folder.


Q) Can my Singleplayer save games saved in CNC3:TWE run in CNC3:TW, or visa-versa?

A) No, singleplayer (mission) save games will not run in CNC3:TW if saved in CNC3:TWE or visa-versa.

Q) How do I play CNC3:TWE online?

A) It is currently possible to play CNC3:TWE online. It is launched as per usual from the main menu.

Q) What are the recommended settings for singleplayer?

A) It is strongly advised that you play Singleplayer with a difficulty of Hard. This allow the new higher difficulty scripts to run.

Releases and Versions

Q) What is a ‘Prerelease’?

A) These are early, limited and stable versions of the modification (not betas or alphas). The Mod SDK is now available so there will be a few more prerelease versions and then version 1.0 will be released.

Q) How do I update after a new version is released?

A) Prerelease 3 (0.3) and later uses InstallShield setup.

This allows new versions to update the software (You do not need to uninstall the old version(s) first).

Simply run the new version of the CNC3:TWE.exe and the first dialog will let you know that it is updating automatically.

Q) I have Prerelease 2 or earlier installed. Do I need to remove it first before installing Prerelease 0.3 or later?

A) It is recommended that you delete prerelease 2 or earlier first, as they were manual installs and could cause issues.

Q) How often are new versions released?

A) New versions are released often soon after patches to CNC3:TW are released. At the moment there is no set schedule.


Q) What are the goals of this modification?

A) To enhance the CNC3:TWE PC game by adding the best quality Skirmish maps, improving the Singleplayer campaign (entire) and adding skins, improved interface etc.

Preferring quality not quantity.

Q) How do I submit content to the mod?

A) Contact me at the email below with maps, modification ideas, icons, cursors, code etc.

Any approved content will be sourced by a listing in the credits (online, PDF manual and in-game).

Q) How do I contact you?

A) Either:


3 Responses to “Support”

  1. Bob Garlick Says:

    I would like to be a beta tester.

    I have beta tested for:

    Westwood – Above and beyond

    Microsoft – Rise Of Legends (closed)

    Vista – Longhorn 3683 (closed)
    – Longhorn 4051 (closed)
    – Vista RC1 (open)
    – Vista Beta 2

    System Specs:

    Processor AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, 2209 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)

    2gig memory
    Nvidia 7100 256/512 video

    All other compter parts (CD,DVD, etc.)

    Dual Boot:

    Windosw XP Pro SP2
    Vista Ultimate

  2. Danny Says:

    Great pack…one thing..can i remove the black shroud back to normal..i cant stand that!!!!!! Feel free to email me if i can or cant..Also in the modifications section, it would be rad to choose any of the mods to uninstall…

  3. Dbagios Says:

    I own a 2003 Dell computer with a NvidiaGEforce4mx 420.. will this video card support C&C 3? thanks

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