Red Alert 3 in Development?

February 14, 2008

There’s a little buzz around a possible Red Alert 3 game being created by EA. All the below images are unconfirmed.

Magazine Covers

Red31 red32



Concept Art



  • Seems to use the same game engine as CNC3:TW
  • New side – Japan
  • Singleplayer Campaign: The Russians use the time machine, in order to kidnap Einstein. The allies are therefore very weak, since they never got the Chronosphere or all Einstein’s inventions
  • Powerplants buildable on water?

More info at:

These images are either a very good CNC3 mod, a well-executed cruel hoax or the real deal.

I’m obviously hoping that they are real but it seems odd that EA would have CNC3:KW, Tiberium and RA3 running at the same time.



CNC3:TWE is in November, 2007’s edition of the German PC magazine “GameStar XL”.

Circled in yellow in the DVD picture below:

Gamestar Magazine CD

The version of CNC3:TWE downloaded off the site is newer.

Early images of a new FPS called ‘Tiberium’ have appeared in the magazine Game Informer.

Seems like Renegade 2 to me. These images are unconfirmed but are pretty convincing.

View Early Magazine Images