Final CNC3:TWE Post

March 9, 2008

Version 1.0 of CNC3:TWE is last version to be made. I have decided to focus on other projects.

This version will still be availble and still be the best source for the best maps for CNC3:TW.

I may make a mod for Kane’s Wrath (under a new name) or Red Alert 3.

All the best to everyone 😀 Your messages have been great.


Kane’s Wrath IGN Hands On

February 19, 2008

IGN has an article for a hands on preview of Kane’s Wrath.

Red Alert 3 – More Content

February 15, 2008

More information can be found at:

Some high resolution images can be found at:


Red Alert 3 Confirmed

February 14, 2008

Red Alert 3 has been confirmed by EA! Yay!

Check out the newsletter with screenshots, an exclusive BattleCast Primetime video special with Executive Producer Chris Corry (where he reveals the first details about the game), info on Beta spots for Red Alert 3.

There’s an official webpage too.


The latest edition of BattleCast Primetime is now available for viewing.

In this special edition of Battlecast Primetime, host David divulges some highly sought after Scrin sub-faction secrets from Kane’s Wrath, and also brings you exclusive coverage of the C&C League season one tournament, answers your questions in Ask a Silverman, and alludes to something quite dramatic coming this month.

Well, you’ll have to watch this new special edition episode to find out more!

Download it Here

APOC’s Community Blog

January 26, 2008


APOC has proposed some changes to come in patch 1.10. Catch the blog here.


After some delay, the latest episode of BattleCast Primetime is now available here.

Its a massive 45 min episode and is available as a .mov Quicktime file (194.55MB in size).