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January 26, 2008


APOC has proposed some changes to come in patch 1.10. Catch the blog here.


Primetime 4

The latest edition of BattleCast Primetime features a discussion about Kane’s Wrath and the Radial Interface that will be included for the XBox 360 version. It was also mentioned that Kane’s Wrath will be a stand-alone game.

You will not need C&C3 to play the expansion. Something else you’ll want to check out…Kane’s Wrath will feature over 20 new multiplayer maps. A few of these maps are previewed during the video.

Also, some of the actors (Carl Lumbly & Natasha Henstridge) that will be in Kane’s Wrath make an appearance and talk about their roles they’ll be playing. And of course, APOC’s Corner returns, and he gives ya the scoop on the poop in the C&C Community. Tis a great show this time around…so don’t miss it!

View the video (check out the flash player to the right of the page)

Source: CNCDEN.com

APOC Community Blogs

November 17, 2007

APOC has 2 community blogs up.

The latest blog shows:

  • high resolution box art
  • high resolution images of some GDI units
  • new info

BattleCast Episode 2 will be available from :
http://www.commandandconquertv.com this Thursday.

C&C 12th Anniversary Podcast

September 7, 2007

CNC 12th Aniversary Podcast

Episode 1 of BattleCast Primetime is out and it’s far more professional than I expected and full of great tidbits.

Well worth the download or online view for any CNC fan. I’ll add some screenshots to this post later today.

View Episode 1

There are 2 options

1) full definition .wmv downloads


2) streaming flash (recommended)

I’ll let the online TV stream do the talking. Make sure you leave some comments on what you think of the expansion and maybe even some ideas on what the new units are (see screenshots below)

P.S. You’ll learn about the expansion pack for C&C3 and the NEW radial interface that it will feature. The expansion pack is coming in early 2008! The news I really wanted to hear 😀




Expansion Pack

The announcement of the expansion pack “Kane’s Wrath” and a screenshot of the new radial interface for XBOX 360 as well as PC (I think).


Expansion Units

Concept art for some new units in the expansion pack.


Battle Match

A commentary on a 1 vs. 1 ranked game for great CNC3 players Apollo and Pilbots.


Expansion Pack Info

  • Focuses on our favourite villain, Kane
  • New campaign that follows Kane’s rise back to power after the second Tiberium War and continues to the third and beyond
  • Once again it will feature high resolution cinematics
  • A few new characters for Kane to mingle with
  • Global Domination Meta Game -Risk on steroids, over the entire world (mainly functions like an improved version of the mode in BFME2)
    • Persistent armies
    • Long lasting global warfare
  • Each faction will have 2 sub-factions
    • Each subfaction will cater to particular play style
  • Over 2 dozen new multiplayer maps
  • Also available for the XBOX 360
    • Released simultaneously with the PC version
    • XBOX 360 players benefit from radial interface
  • Shipping early 2008

Definition of Wrath

wrath (rth, räth)


1. Forceful, often vindictive anger.


a. Punishment or vengeance as a manifestation of anger.

b. Divine retribution for sin.



Main Source: CommandandConquer.com

Partial Source: CNCDEN.com