GameSpot – GDI Subfaction Details & New Screen Shots (XBox 360)

November 17, 2007

GameSpot have a short new article up here.

Well worth the view. I’ll add my summary and images soon.


  • 2 GDI Subfactions
    • Steel Talons – An experimental technology battalion formed in the wake of the Second Tiberium War
    • ZOCOM – Clad in Tiberium-resistant battle armor that makes them very difficult to take down in battle. They also use experimental sonic weaponry that packs a powerful punch, which makes ZOCOM an incredibly durable and rugged force on the battlefield.
  • The three factions from Command & Conquer 3–the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), the Brotherhood of Nod, and the alien Scrin–will each get two subfactions.





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