CNC3:TWE 0.4 Available

September 4, 2007

CNC3-TWE 0.4

Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars Enhanced 0.4 (Prerelease 4) is now available.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This specific version requires all previous versions of CNC3:TWE to be uninstalled first.

This is because there has been a major change in where it is installed and it uses the new ‘mods’ folder implemented in CNC3:TW patch 1.07.

For info and the download visit the download page.

Full PDF Manual

To view the manual for this version PDF Reader software needs to be installed.

Download Adobe Reader

The manual is included in the installer package but is also available separately.


  • Supports patch 1.08 of CNC3:TW
  • Includes 6 new quality skirmish maps (totalling 29 maps)
  • Installer updated to install to new ‘mods’ folder implemented since patch 1.07 of CNC3:TW
  • Uses CNC3:TW’s Control Center and Game Browser to launch mod
  • Does not include CNC3:TWE Control Panel App
  • Supports online play
  • New full manual (PDF)


Two testing surveys have been created for this release:

Please participate in making CNC3:TWE better 😀


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