First Video showing of Kane’s Wrath

August 28, 2007

You can download a shakeycam video of the showing of Kane’s Wrath at the Leipzig Games Convention HERE (

When ya get to that page just scroll down and click on ‘Free’ to get access to the download. Starting about half way through the video you will see some in-game action.

EALA Associate Producer Jim Vessalla gives a nice presentation of the expansion pack and goes into some detail about the new units and game play we can expect to see.

My Notes

Some new information

  • Shippping Spring 2008
  • Video starts with Kane saying “The door to ascension stands locked before us. The Tacitus is the key”
  • Video shows one GDI mission and one NOD mission showing some new units
    • Area affect units
    • Hammerhead gunship can continually fire twin auto cannons
    • Venoms can fire against aircraft
    • Slingshot AA scout take out aircraft easily
    • Orcas have been upgraded with sonic weapons (still missles but the area affect damage)
    • New superweapon (Orbital Strike [GDI])
    • Different Game Loading Screen (Map of the world)
    • Cyborgs have an EMP cannon attached to their right arm (machine gun is on left arm)
    • Shadow Teams can deploy artillery beacons anywhere on map (allows Spectres [artillery] to have much longer range)
    • Reckoner (Nod APC) has two infantry slots and can crush heaver infantry (with upgraded dozer blades)
  • Video ends with Kane saying “CABAL was only the beginning”



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