CNC3:TWE 0.4 News Update

August 28, 2007

Hey all, version 0.4 release of CNC3:TWE has been pushed back to at the earliest of Friday this week, most likely Tuesday 4th September.

Status: Currently in 2nd phase testing (next step release)

I’m looking for some testers before it goes live. Send me an email if your interested in being added to the team of testers. This testing is vital as it uncovers any critical bugs before it is publically released.

0.4 will work only on CNC3:TW 1.08 (latest hotfix), have a full readme manual PDF, work online and will bring the total number of skirmish maps to 29.

0.4 will not have CNC3:TWE Control Panel included and will use CNC3’s new Game Browser (see above screenshots).

Since CNC3:TW now has some built-in support for mod launching you will need to uninstall version 0.3 and earlier of CNC3:TWE before installing CNC3:TWE 0.4.


CCentre ExampleModding Folder

CNC3:TWE Control Panel may be included in CNC3:TWE 0.5 or available as a seperate download (requiring CNC3:TWE to be installed first).

Now that the CNC3 Mod SDK is out you can submit modding ideas, coding, maps etc to us for possible inclusion in future versions of the mod.


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