CNC3:TWE 0.4 Info

August 26, 2007

Version 0.4 will be released soon, most likely this Wednesday.

This version will include the new version of the CNC3:TWE Control Panel.

It will also make the switch to the new mod structure implemented in patch 1.07 of CNC3:TW.

This means that the mod can be launched using CNC3:TWE Control Panel or simply launched from the Autorun menu by clicking ‘Game Browser’ and then the ‘Mods’ tab.

Main New Features

  • New skirmish maps
  • Support for version 1.07 of CNC3:TW
  • Full PDF manual
  • Brand new version of CNC3:TWE Control Panel
  • Improved InstallScript installer

Future Releases

Now that the CNC3:TW Mod SDK is out and patch 1.07 supports modding, expect better updates in the near future.

The main possible features coming in the next few months are:

  • New improved UI (User Interface)
  • New skins for units (possibly an optional separate download)
  • Support for Windows Vista Game Explorer
  • More of the best skirmish maps
  • Graphical improvements (general)
  • And more!

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