IGN Kane’s Wrath First Looks

August 22, 2007

IGNPC has posted a First Looks article for Kane’s Wrath the first expansion for CNC3:TW.




  • The first chapter in Kane’s Wrath should provide a lot of connective tissue between the events of Tiberian Sun and C&C 3
  • The second chapter will focus on the time of Command & Conquer 3 and the Third Tiberium War when Kane re-emerges to cast his bloody shadow over Earth yet again
  • The Tacitus played a role in C&C 3, but it’s really central to the third chapter in the expansion pack
  • You’ll play the role of Kane’s right hand man in the re-forging of Nod into the powerhouse that eventually rises up to nearly annihilate GDI at the beginning of the Third Tiberium War
  • Kane in his old costume and a bunch of the stuff on the set for the FMV in that part of the game dates back to that era so fans will get to watch Kane transform through the three chapters of the story
  • Kane will apparently be the only cast member back from C&C 3
  • The new campaign will add a high-level turn-based strategy game where players make global decisions and then jump into the more familiar tactical battles when armies come into conflict on the global map

Nod Updates

New Units


The Awakened: These are the cyborg remnants of CABAL’s former army that have risen to assist Kane in the Third Tiberium War. These guys have a welded machinegun on their left arm that is excellent for taking down infantry. While mostly used as anti-infantry troopers, the Awakened also come with a welded EMP cannon on their right arm, which is very effective in knocking out vehicles for other units to wipe up such as the…

Specter: New stealth artillery that fits well into Nod’s style of play. The Specter can tail other units around the battlefield or hide themselves in a corner just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. With the help of the EMP cannon from the Awakened, they can take out a group of enemy armor units easily. They also can fire over longer distances with the help of the new Shadow Infantry ability called Artillery Beacon that sets a target that the artillery can barrage the radius around that beacon from afar. Sneaky sneaky!


Reckoner: This armored personnel carrier is a heavily armored troop carrier used for transporting infantry into defended areas with smaller risk of death. While the Reckoner is moving, units inside can’t shoot out of it, but if you use the one time ability to deploy it, it turns into a bunker (and gets an extra garrison slot) and any troops inside can begin attacking everything around them with impunity until that hefty bunker is taken down.

Other Upgrades

Also mentioned were extra laser upgrades for the cyborgs to give them even greater power on the battlefield along with a sub-faction only unit that acts much like the Black Hand but uses liquid tiberium instead.

GDI Updates

New Units


Hammerhead: New flying unit for the GDI that doesn’t require constant re-loading with ammo back at the air field. This one never needs to reload the twin auto cannons that can rain hell down on infantry. However, it’s still fairly defenseless against anti-air units and can only hit ground targets. Hammerheads also have one garrison slot, which is especially important because whatever infantry unit is garrisoned inside will be able to fire as well. Pile in some Zone Troopers or grenade troopers and you’ll have one hell of an attack force in the sky that can be deployed to the ground if need be.


Slingshot: This guy fills a much needed deficiency in the GDI’s line-up, which is vulnerability vs. aircraft. While they have pretty decent planes, they also require re-armament just like the Orcas. The Slingshots will fill that role nicely as they’re a fast ground based lightly armored anti-air hovercraft that can destroy air forces pretty easily if protected from ground troops.


Shatterer: This mobile sonic emitter is another hover tank that has taken the sonic emitter turret from C&C 3 and strapped it onto a mobile platform which becomes a very strong siege weapon. Because these tanks can hit multiple targets, micromanagers should be able to be very successful maneuvering units to get the greatest impact.

Modified units

Zone Raider: Comes with shoulder mounted anti-air rockets. She’s great for defending against air attacks though that weapon isn’t particularly terrific for full on attacks. The Raider shown in the demo was also upgraded with a new toy called the sonic cannon which fires a shell that explodes in an area effect, which is pretty slick at clearing out clumped units. When combined with the ground-only Zone Troopers, they’re a pair to be reckoned with. Even so, good anti-infantry troops like the Black Hand will still have a decided advantage over the Zone Raiders and Troopers.

Other Upgrades

We were also told that Orcas will be able to upgrade with sonic launchers of the Zone Raider, though this particular upgrade will be tied to one of the specific sub-factions. Being able to fly in and spam a much larger area with sonic shells is a pretty nice thought though.

New Power

GDI also gets a new orbital strike that essentially launches large slugs from space that will be available in the late game for the GDI. It causes a great amount of damage to a pretty large area and is another power that reinforces the fiction that GDI has control of orbital space around Earth.

Scrin Updates

Two know unit the Ravager and Mechapede. The Mechapedes is highly customizable unit. Not much is known

Source: CNCDEN.com


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