0.4 Progress Update

August 19, 2007

Version 0.4 of CNC3:TWE is making great progress:

  • New and improved CNC3:TWE Control Panel application
  • New skirmish maps
  • Intstaller improvements
  • PDF Help Manual
  • Singleplayer campaign fixes

The main focus for this release is the new version of the CNC3:TWE Control Panel application. It allows you to configure and launch CNC3:TWE or CNC3:TW far more easily in a better user interface. Fully tested using fxCop, NCover, unit testing and case testing.

Only minor fixes remain before CNC3 patch 1.07 and CNC3 Mod SDK are released. Expect the new version of CNC3:TWE within a few days following they are released.

This will be a full release (not incremental patch) and you will not need to uninstall version 0.3 before installing 0.4.

Later today I will upload some new screenshots of the CNC3:TWE Control Panel interface and functionality.


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