C&C3 Expansion Kane’s Wrath Gamespot Q&A

August 16, 2007

Gamespot has done an interview with C&C3 executive producer Mike Verdu.

It contains some juicy info and 2 screenshots:




  • Bringing back hover technology to GDI and cyborgs to NOD
  • Campaign will span an incredible 20 years of Command & Conquer history (End of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun all the way through 2050 [3 years after end of CNC3:TW])
  • New celebrity characters
  • New way to play Command & Conquer – You’ll establish vast bases, build customized armies, plan your strategy, and attack your enemies on a global scale–then dive into the familiar tactical battles where your skills as commander will make the difference between victory and defeat
  • Players will have nine sides to choose from in multiplayer and skirmish games

My Comments


  • I really hope that they put more effort into making an engaging singleplayer campaign
  • I want a lot of time used to make balancing an important factor since there will be nine sides
  • I hope that persistence in Global Domination mode will not cause balancing issues
  • AI improvements should be made on harvesters, flying units and base defences
  • Expansion campaign story should intertwine seamlessly with CNC story and fill in plot holes
  • Story should show the rise of Kane again from the ‘ashes’ and show cause and effect

Source: Gamespot


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