CNC3 Battlecast Primetime – Aug 14th

August 8, 2007

The CNC3 07.08.08 announcement on the website is now ready.

View the Announcement – A video is available on this page

It definitely is not the news I wanted to get, pretty disappointing actually.

Seems to be an online video channel for Battlecast CNC3 games.

Not Revolutionary in most people’s minds. Let’s just see if they do a good job of it like they have with the patches (LOL).

Two images and info are also available below (sourced from



More Info

-Battlecast Primetime is not related to the “free Battlecast viewer”. That is still under production and will be coming soon. I’ll have an update on that in my upcoming blog.

-Battlecast Primetime is an online TV show as part of our new Command & Conquer TV initiative. This is not going to be shown on cable TV! This will be shown on our website,, YouTube, and other media venues…online only.

-The focus of Battlecast Primetime is on the latest C&C news, exclusive news and tid-bits, a special focus on great C&C matches, highlights, and much more. It is a show dedicated to giving you the fans Command & Conquer entertainment and news in a very different fashion than you are used to.

This is a revolution in the sense that its something which has never been done before for Command & Conquer, for an RTS, or for any other video game in quite this manner. You should expect the unexpected.

For all those who may have mixed feelings about todays announcements, no worries, but I ask that you save your judgement until the show debuts and you’ve watched it! This is a brand new initiative and we are committed to make it a new “online show home” for C&C fans in as entertaining a fashion as possible. Your feedback on the show will be key to that.


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