CNC3:TWE 0.4 Control Panel Redesign Early Screenshots

August 4, 2007

Below is a very early screenshot of the redesign for CNC3:TWE Control Panel that will most likely be in version 0.4.

This application is developed using Sharp Develop.

This can only be used as a guide to what the program will be like. (Updated 11th August 2007)

Screenshots taken in Windows XP Professional

Splash Dialog


Main Dialog


Settings Dialog


New Features

  • Much cleaner GUI
    • Better Launch options, now a separate ‘Settings’ dialog
  • Quicker, better detection
  • Built-in support for localization
    • English language only at this stage
  • Easier method of launching CNC3:TWE
  • Uses settings file (XML or .resx)
  • Looks better in Windows Vista
  • Uses less memory
  • Optimized code
  • Detection Log as simple text
  • Event Logging

0.4 Release Date

Estimated to be soon (4 days) after the CNC3: Tiberium Wars 1.07 patch and SDK are released.


One Response to “CNC3:TWE 0.4 Control Panel Redesign Early Screenshots”

  1. Spikey00 Says:

    Looks pretty decent to me.

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