Update from APOC

July 29, 2007

APOC has released the notes for release 1.07 of CNC3:TW.

As promised, here are the balance changes we are doing for the upcoming patch 1.07. We are not committing to a specific date yet, however, as soon as I know the time frame, I’ll let you guys know. Knowing that we can have setbacks for many reasons, just know that we are trying to accomplish this as fast as possible with respect to our QA resources.


  • Mothership (Speed 15% faster and now takes 8 seconds to deploy onto the signal transmitter after being cast, explosion chain reaction now has a 50% longer delay)
  • Pitbulls (Health reduced by 15%, mortar upgrade now has a large scatter radius)
  • Buzzer Hive selling (Sell now only gives 1 buzzer (from 3) when sold)
  • Harvesters drop off their load more intelligently after finishing a Tib Field.
  • NOD Harvesters have speed increased to match gathering rate of other faction Harvesters
  • Defense Structure change (can only be built on construction yard queues) (meant to stop defensive structure crawling and OP)

Full Info

Source: CNCDEN.com


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