Prerelease 0.4 News

July 24, 2007

Changes in 0.4

Just a news update on Prerelease 0.4 (list last updated 1st of August). The following are the current list of changes:

  • CNC3:TW
    • Support for version 1.07 of CNC3:TW
    • Support for CNC3 SDK
    • Support for CNC3 Worldbuilder
  • Installer
    • Fixed Installer OnHelp() issue
    • Clean up of scripting code
    • Scripting to backup the important CNC3:TW files as *.bak files
    • Registry
      • Clean up of some entries
      • Added data and time of installation key
    • Improved detection of system information
      • Added detection of Worldbuilder
      • Rearranged System Information list
    • Updated Add/Remove Detailed Information
    • Windows Vista
      • Windows Vista Icons Added (formats up to 256 x 256 [compressed PNGs for Vista only])
      • Updated Windows Vista detection
      • Further configuration and stress testing on Windows Vista OSs
  • Maps
    • 3 new skirmish maps
    • Fixes to skirmish maps
      • Textures
      • Audio levels
      • Music
      • Compression
      • Removal of unimportant text strings
    • Minor fixes to localization of table strings
  • CNC3:TWE Control Panel
    • Localization
    • Interface
    • New links
    • Improved detection

This version of CNC3:TWE will use the second version of the InstallShield installer.

Progress Update – August 1st

Changes have been made in this new version that will make updates easier in the future.

This version will include a far better ‘readme’ file which is now in PDF format, looks much better and better structured.


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