Prerelease 3 Available

July 17, 2007

Splash Screen

CNC3:TWE Prerelease 3 is now available.


  • An enhanced Singleplayer Campaign (all levels)
    • Increased difficulty
    • Texture Fixes
    • Script fixes
  • 23 quality skirmish maps
  • Disabled EA logo intro movie
  • CNC3:TWE Control Panel – A C# .NET application that configures and launches CNC3:TWE (no manual moving of files)
  • A robust InstallShield installer – Step-by-step installer with system information and testing of configuration
  • Windows Vista compatibility
  • Updated Readme files
  • Thoroughly tested on Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home and Windows Vista Business N
  • Support for CNC3:TW 1.06 (1.6)

Download the CNC3:TW 1.06 Patch
Download CNC3:TWE Prelease 3 (0.3)

Update: I have received a good response from the InstallShield installer, so I will not be releasing a manual install version unless many people request it.

Important Notes

  • This mod has been tested on the English Version only with manual CNC3:TW patch 1.06 applied
  • The installer will leave the Skirmish Maps on your computer in your %appdata%\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps folder when uninstalling CNC3:TWE for use in normal CNC3:TW
  • This modification does not work with any older version of CNC3:TW

CNC3:TWE Control Panel (Alpha 1)

Below are some example screenshots of CNC3:TWE Control Panel:

Control Panel 1Control Panel 2


Feel free to post comments on this website for suggestions for the software (installer, modification of MP maps). The more feedback I get the better the mod can be.


CNC3:TWE 0.3 currently only has English as a language but French and German are expected to be added in later versions.

Other languages will be added if the community submits them.


One Response to “Prerelease 3 Available”

  1. I am looking for more of the BEST maps for CNC3.

    Please send your MP map suggestions to: with a link to the file or an attachment.

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