Update from APOC

July 15, 2007

The following statement was issued by online community manager APOC on the official C&C3 forums:

Patch 1.06 will be released this Monday. The time-window for deployment is uncertain, so stay tuned to the message boards for when I say it is officially LIVE. Hopefully I can beat out the sharp-shooters on here that eye-ball our FTP servers 24/7.

And just a reminder, patch 1.06 is a small patch with NO balance changes. However, it does address the invincibility exploit and will greatly increase disconnect reporting so we can better track disconnect frequency amongst all users and suspend and ban accordingly. Patch 1.06 will also fix the Cloaking field bug that was taking away too much money from you. There are other minor changes in 1.06, but the ones noted above are the most significant.

On Tuesday we are going to finally reset the 1v1 and 2v2 ladder. Here is exactly what will be reset:

-Your Ladder Rank
-Your WIN/LOSS LADDER record
-Your ladder Elo score
-Your disconnect/desync stats

Your historical stats will not be touched. These are the stats you can see in your Persona Profile under “Overall”. This means that your overall win/loss record will be disproportionate to your new 1v1 and 2v2 record after the reset. We did not want to reset your historical stats, but if popularity is high enough, we can do this in the next ladder reset. Please note, everyone will be taken off the ladder after the reset. You will not be put back on the ladder until you play at least one ranked online match.

And now for a Patch 1.07 + Ladder Season Update, please read this in full.

Patch 1.07 is well underway and is going to encompass a number of critical components with it. This patch is going to enable full in-game functionality with our MOD SDK. Yes, that means the MOD SDK will be released exactly the same time as Patch 1.07. This patch is also going to hone in on 10-15 critical bug and balance changes. As I’ve stated in the past, we are looking at creating smaller but more critically efficient patches that we can produce quicker as well. This is why I am looking for the top 5 balance changes across the community. We’ll certainly take a hard look at the Mothership/MS combo, Pitbull spam, and tier 3 defense usability, and other popular balance changes. Our goal will be to fix a small but critical combination of bugs and balance changes.

We are hard at work on patch 1.07 and are trying to output it quicker than usual. When I have a better sense of the time- frame, I will do my best to provide that to you, but please know that we are trying to speed up the process, especially given the MOD SDK and our first incoming ladder season. I WILL keep you posted.

Source: cncden.com


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