Prerelease 1 Available

July 8, 2007

CNC3 : Tiberium Wars Enhanced is a Command and Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars modification.

Prerelease 1 (version 0.1) is now available and includes:

  • An enhanced Singleplayer campaign – All campaign levels with texture fixes, balancing and increase of difficulty
  • The best available Multiplayer Maps with much improved AI
  • Disabled EA logo intro movie

Download CNC3:TWE 0.1.

CNC3:TWE will include much more, once the CNC3 Mod SDK is released:

  • Improved AI
  • More of the best skirmish maps
  • Custom game modes including: capture the flag, king of the hill, control point etc
  • Custom skins for the game (works like Kane Edition skins)
  • New Better Cursors
  • Custom better textures

The full release will use an Installscript installer to install and will not require manual steps to run the mod (like in prerelease 1).

Modification profile available at:


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